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Developing your Interoperable Identity



1/9/20242 min read

This episode of #MetaverseMonday explored how VRMs are becoming central to our Metaverse experiences.

Standardization in Avatar Creation: A Must

The call for a universal standard in VRM technology was loud and clear in our discussion. LM Designs emphasized, "A standardized system is crucial for more immersive avatar experiences." Imagine the possibilities when VRMs can seamlessly transition across different virtual platforms!

Community Spotlight: Collaborative Learning

Our Metaverse Monday community's strength was highlighted by co-host MakeANFT. Recognizing builder Scott Moore for his contributions to the Decentraland education series. Scotts GitHub is a treasure trove for newcomers to our community. Scott advocates for education and acceptance. Remember, together, we grow!

Digital Design: Unleashing Creativity

The limitless potential of digital design was a hot topic. CJ TRAX said it best: "In the digital realm, we're not bound by physics. This is where creativity really takes flight." This episode delves into how VRM creation is an exhilarating field for designers no matter their skill set. There is something for everyone.

Building Your Digital Persona: A Practical Tip

Starting your digital persona creation can be daunting. LMDesigns' advice? "Begin with VR arms, then expand upwards. Start simple, then go complex." This structured approach can guide both newbies and pros in crafting their unique digital avatars.

Want More? Tune In Next Week!

Join us next week as we continue our exploration, focusing on DIY VRMs. Whether you're a seasoned creator or a beginner, we've got you covered with tips and tricks.

Thanks for being part of our journey and for making #MetaverseMonday a success. Your support means we're not just shouting into the void. Keep exploring, keep dreaming, and most importantly, keep creating. Until next week my loves, I'll see you in the Metaverse!

Hey there, Meta-Maxi! It's your Meta Bestie, HICeeCee, back with another thrilling episode of #MetaverseMonday. This time, we're journeying through the exciting realm of Virtual Reality Models (VRMs) and their impact on our digital selves.

The Power of VRMs in Expressing Digital Identity

Did you know VRMs are revolutionizing how we express ourselves in the virtual world? Our guest Josh Garrett put it perfectly:

"VRMs aren't just tech marvels; they're gateways to our virtual identities."

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HICeeCee, the celebrated host of #MetaverseMonday and co-founder of CJ Meta Events, not only stands as a pioneering force in the Metaverse event planning arena but also embodies her motto of 'bringing nature's beauty to Web3 and the Metaverse.' Her remarkable efforts have led to significant fundraising for FCancer through the sold-out 'Rebels with a Cause Project.' Beginning her journey with an NFT art show in the Metaverse, HICeeCee's path evolved, establishing her as a respected Metaverse Influencer. A regular speaker at NFT NYC and a dedicated Spatian Guide, she introduces new enthusiasts to the Metaverse, infusing her passion for AI artistry and NFTs into each venture. Her approach uniquely blends the elegance of the natural world with the innovative frontiers of digital spaces. Follow HICeeCee on Twitter and Lighthouse.World to embark on a journey. Connect on social media for a glimpse into her virtual adventures.

a woman with headphones and a doll in front of a photo of a woman
a woman with headphones and a doll in front of a photo of a woman