Open Editions MINT

Below are my current open edition mints

"The Pond - Shattered" is created in Cee Cee's now iconic stained glass style. It is an evocative piece, capturing the ephemeral stillness of a moment suspended in time. On first impression, the calm waters gently cradle the tender blooms, producing a beautiful tapestry of natural serenity. Yet, the work suggests an impending change, hinting at the fragility of peace. Cee Cee compels the viewer to contemplate the delicate balance between harmony and confusion. In the pond's quiet, one can feel a subtle tension of the unknown – a silent acknowledgment that the calm we experience is as delicate as it is invaluable. More than just a celebration of nature's beauty, this piece serves as a metaphor for life's unpredictability and our desire to find beauty amid uncertainty. It reminds us to cherish the fleeting moments of calm, to embrace impermanence, and to greet the inevitable ripples of reality with grace, love & light.

The Pond - Shattered

Through the lens of my artistry, I have bestowed upon this orchid the power to embody my personal journey of letting go. Letting go is not about relinquishing the memories or dismissing the significance of the past, but rather about crafting a new definition—a new meaning that empowers and uplifts, a meaning that honors my true self.

"My Beautiful Serenity" encapsulates the profound revelation that embracing serenity does not necessitate severing ties with the symbols of our past. Instead, it invites us to redefine their significance, to infuse them with new purpose, and to honor the essence of our being. It is a poignant reminder that healing and growth can coexist harmoniously.

Within this captivating piece, allow yourself to be immersed in the delicate dance between release and renewal. Embrace the hypnotic beauty of the orchid, and let its essence inspire you to embark on your own transformative journey—forging a path of serenity, empowerment, and genuine, loving connections.

My Beautiful Serenity

Within the ethereal tapestry of my artistic journey, a vision of profound tranquility emerges. "My Beautiful Serenity" is a captivating bloom adorned with symbolism, and becomes an emblem of my personal metamorphosis—a testament to the boundless strength of motherhood, the resilience to grow, and the courage to release the shackles of toxic relationships.

In the delicate tendrils and graceful petals of this magnificent orchid, I find solace and inspiration, a tangible representation of my own transformative journey. It is a testament to the multifaceted nature of motherhood, with its unwavering love, nurturing spirit, and determination. Like the orchid, I have weathered storms, yet emerged stronger, more resilient, and capable of growth.

The white and purple hues intertwining within the orchid's bloom go deeper into my heart. White signifies purity, a clean slate upon which I can etch a new narrative, free from the weight of past pain. It embodies the purity of intentions, the clarity of purpose, and the luminosity of the future that beckons.

Purple, on the other hand, embodies wisdom, spirituality, and the allure of the mystical. It speaks of transformation, embracing the depths of inner strength, and awakening the dormant power within. Within the interplay of white and purple, a symphony of healing and growth unfolds—a delicate dance of shedding old layers and embracing new possibilities.

In the realm of my artistic world, there exists a breathtaking vision that has captured my heart and soul.

"My Beautiful Obsession" is an homage to the enigmatic allure of the peony, a flower that dances with the morning light, evoking emotions both captivating and confounding.

For years, the peony has held me under its spell, ensnaring my sensibilities. With each delicate petal and every vibrant hue, it whispers promises of perfection, seducing my lens and coaxing me to capture its essence. I am but a willing captive, hopelessly entangled in a love affair that defies reason.

Through the alchemy of my photography and the intricate dance of AI, I have strived to render the peony with technical precision, elevating its natural beauty to new heights. And yet, my obsession persists. The peony haunts my dreams, beckoning me to delve deeper into its world, challenging me to explore uncharted territory.

But amidst the undeniable beauty lies a darker truth—a question that lingers in the depths of my being. Does this intoxicating flower prevent me from embracing the enchantment of other blossoms? Does it demand too much of my artistic life? A perplexing dichotomy arises as I grapple with the allure and the burden of my infatuation.

Like a lover who captivates and confounds, the peony holds me in a delicate balance of love and resentment. It pulls at the strings of my creativity, fueling my inspiration and driving me forward, yet at times, it feels as if I am trapped within its beguiling grasp.

As an artist, I stand at the crossroads of devotion and liberation. My heart yearns to explore new realms, to immerse myself in the kaleidoscope of nature's creations. And yet, the peony persists, its beauty refusing to release its grip on my soul.

So, what is an artist to do in the face of such a beautiful and tempestuous muse? Perhaps, the answer lies not in escaping the clutches of my obsession but in embracing it with a touch of humor and a glimmer of darkness. For it is within this paradoxical dance that true artistry thrives—a delicate balance between love and frustration, passion and resistance.

"My Beautiful Obsession" stands as a testament to the unyielding power of artistic infatuation, a visual symphony that captures the fragile nature of our deepest desires. With a touch of whimsy and a hint of darkness, this piece invites you to delve into the tangled emotions that arise when passion and creativity collide—a testament to the eternal dance between the artist and their muse

My Beautiful Obsession