Meet me in the metaverse...

Virtual worlds are my playground


Strategic partnerships with brands that align with my personal goals.

Metaverse Monday

Join us on X Spaces, YouTube or in-world at our Studio to learn, grow and adventure. Every Monday at 3PM EST.

Decentraland Community Spotlight: HiCeeCee

Interviewed by the Dollhouse for their Community Spotlight Series, JUNE 2023



The perfect layer two solution for all my MultiMetaMaxi needs.


Spatian Spotlight

Interviewed by for their Spatian Spotlight, FEBRUARY 2023

The Emerald Palace

Discover the wonders of the Emerald Palace, where art, exploration, and relaxation converge in a stunning virtual world. Our gallery features breathtaking works by our Community. Relax in our beautiful Zen bubbles or explore secret spots with friends. With hidden corners waiting to be discovered, the Emerald Palace is a place of adventure & inspiration. Come and join us and experience the magic for for yoursellf.


I love to educate and onboard new friends into Virtual Worlds. Feel free to connect and get tapped into the future.

HI Cee Cee


Cosmic Meta Queen

Yo, it's hi see see the Cosmic Meta Queen

Wanna spread the love, Join the MetaMonday Family

Virtual reality, that's where I roam

Hopping from world to world, I'm never alone

Spreading good vibes on the daily, that's our mission

Queen of the Metaverse, with no competition

Come find me in the galaxy, my vibe's the ignition

Spreading the love, we all on a mission.